REC Bauelemente

Jury statement for the award of the Design Award Germany 2010:

„REC Bauelemente's concrete wall panels are especially poignant for their simplicity and modern, architectural grace. The design options are suitable for many applications such as ceilings, walls, floors and even freestanding objects. The material lends itself to large shapes and also to fine-grained textures and surfaces, as has been very successfully realized in the wall panels. The different colors (white, gray, black and other pigmented shades) give the filigree surfaces a modern and extremely exclusive grace and convey a sympathetically pleasant feel.

-German Design Council and Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology




Recycling    Engineering   Consulting

The idea to found a company was the intention,
to use recycled materials, residual materials and
to develop high-quality materials and products.

The company REC Werkstoffe *1993 developed formulations, products and technologies in the Adlershof Research Park in order to license them for production.

In terms of the circular economy, all material waste and also problematic materials should be included in a reusable way.

By using water glass as a binder, development results with promising properties have been achieved.

REC Bauelemente was founded in 2002 with the aim of production and to finance further developments and innovations.

Initial tasks were high-performance concrete for tactile floor indicators and an ultra-light and prefabricated exposed concrete for as panels, for drywall, finishing, interior design and architecture.

REC Bauelemente is present on the international market and is known for several material developments, stands alone and has also received several awards. 
International references confirm the materials and production.

REC Bauelemente participates in R+D projects and continues to seek the challenge.

The driving force and motor of creativity at REC is the managing partner Konrad Schäfer.Based on its many years of development experience and the success of many design developments, innovations will continue to be created in the future.