REC Stuccolith-Paneel

perfect | durable | permanently beautiful | incombustible

Stuccolith is a mineral stone based on refined and high-grade stone plaster with stone-forming mineral additives.
Stuccolith is light in weight and very strong, allowing a broad spectrum of design statements. Its surfaces create an effect of liveliness and a sensory experience. Thin-walled and fibre-filled from 6 mm thickness, Stuccolith makes perfect wall cladding up to ceiling height for lightweight and drywall construction.
The formula can be modified within its technical characteristics. Special design requirements can be satisfied in terms of technical performance and aesthetics.
Stuccolith uses the natural advantages of plaster for a healthy indoor climate and good acoustics.

In terms of sustainability, Stuccolith ensures permanent quality through the use of recycled materials and economic production.



Prüfzeugnis zum Nachweis des Brandverhaltens nach DIN 4102

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Concrete Panels illustrated A5-Brochure (english)

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