REC Floor Tiles / Stairs / Worktops

perfect | durable | permanently beautiful | incombustible

REC has materials to satisfy the highest demands on quality, design and architecture.

Our extremely durable fair-faced concrete for making floor tiles and steps is Betonlith.

Our lightweight to ultra-lightweight fair-faced concrete is Minerallith. Its low weight makes it extremely easy to use outdoors, in lightweight or drywall construction, and for complete interior decoration.

All materials can be produced at wall thicknesses from 10 mm and in large sizes. They are easily manageable and allow the planner and architect to make a modernist statement.

All REC materials and products meet very high sustainability standards. The materials are natural and partially recyclate (Poraver). They are processed to consistently high qualities using minimal energy. The products stand out for their excellent technical values. Thin-wall dimensions, and thereby low-weight designs, offer significant economic advantages from processing, to transporting, to installing.


Innovation Award Architecture and Ground of AIT 2011

Once again, in 2011, REC Bauelemente GmbH was awarded the Innovation Award Architecture and Ground of AIT in the category Products of High Architectural Quality for its product Betonlith Grey as a fair-faced concrete for use as floor tiles.