REC Beton-LIGHT Panel (Minerallith)

perfect | resilient | permanently beautiful | incombustible

REC Beton-LIGHT is a cementitious material.

It is light and strong and can be used for cladding in all areas.

REC Beton-LIGHT is a fair-faced concrete with modern appeal and gives the room a beautiful atmosphere in the spirit of our times.

With so many aesthetic and technical design possibilities, it presents new avenues for individualism.

REC Beton-LIGHT inspires one to create new designs, both smooth and textured. In all designs, the material is a statement of liveliness and a sensory experience.

REC Beton-LIGHT is also Class A1 fireproof and waterproof for indoor and outdoor application.

Small and large formats are available from 10 mm thickness. It is lightweight, making tiles and slabs easy to handle. Joiners can easily cut slabs to size on a circular table saw. Suitable adhesives for bonding are PUR and tile adhesives.

The surfaces are rendered water-repellent, thereby protecting against dirt and stains.

REC Beton-LIGHT is the creative planner's material of choice!



Concrete illustrated A5-Brochure (english)