REC- tactile ground indicator system Stepline INDOOR + OUTDOOR


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perfect profile | highly durable | permanent | aesthetic

A tactile ground indicator system for the blind and visually impaired to glue onto surfaces according to DIN 32984 and in consultation with the DBSV.

This system consists of single trapezoidal ribs and truncated cone studs. The ribs and studs are being glued to the ground with distance to one another individually or as slabs. The lengthwise interrupted arrangement of the ribs makes the guidance strip appear more unobtrusive and with this the system fits harmoniously into the existing architecture. The functional arrangement structures the concept of the room in an attractive way. In case of a fire the system can also provide emergency exit guidance to the blind and visually impaired. Among others, the system has proven itself at the Hanover Airport, in libraries, in universities, in tourist agencies and other objects since 2010.

For smooth surfaces, as e.g. sanded stone floors, there are single ribs with an adhesive coating on the back with a peelable film. If the surface is rough, single ribs, single studs, rib slabs or stud slabs can be used. To generate an all-over adhesion and a durable bonding, it is a gelatinous 2c-adhesive. 

The standard arrangement of the guiding strips is 3 or 5 single ribs parallel to one another at an axial spacing of 55 mm. Lengthwise, the ribs are arranged with a distance of 30 mm to one another. The attention field that belongs to the system consists of diagonally arranged single studs or stud slabs. The single profiles are applied by means of a template. The system is walkable right after the installation.

The interrupted arrangement of the single ribs, single studs and slabs eases the cleaning procedure. It should be avoided to use a cleaning machine.

The German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired [Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband, DBSV] says:
„Tactile detectability with a cane was evaluated as good, and there was also detectability by foot. The 3-ribbed variant is sufficient for smooth surfaces. For rough surfaces or heavily frequented pathway markings, preference is given to the 5-ribbed variant.“


Bonding of Stepline Indoor / Outdoor


DBSV Letter of Recommendation

ABSV Assessment

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