REC High-Performance Concrete Tactile Paving

perfect profile | highly durable | permanently weatherproof

REC's high-performance concrete achieves the highest level of quality for self-compacting, exposed concrete based on Dyckerhoff Flowstone.

The mineral components are purified quartz in granularities ranging from fine powders to 4 mm coarse grain and alkali-resistant fibres. The density of the grain structure achieves extreme strengths that normal concrete cannot attain. The fine grain structure prevents ribs and cones from breaking loose.

REC tactile paving tiles feature unidirectional notching on the tread surface. This type of notching has proven to be very easy to clean and to provide a permanent anti-skid surface. Walking on the peaks of the contours prevents accumulation of dirt and has proven highly successful in all traffic areas.

The dense material structure reduces water absorption to a minimum, while organic components are excluded by the use of washed and kiln-dried quartz, resulting in a higher and more permanent degree of whiteness of the tiles.

No normal concrete reaches the freeze-thaw resistance quality of REC high-performance concrete.