REC Acryllith-Flex ® Tactile Indicator Tiles

perfect profile | highly durable | permanently weatherproof

Tactile ground surface indicator system made from polymer (acrylic) cement, for adhesion onto existing ground surfaces.

There are many places where tactile indicator strips are prescribed, but where tactile paving would be technically difficult or even impossible to install. The answer to this is REC Acryllith ® tiles. Being only 2 / 4 mm thick (valley / crown height), these are fully functional and aesthetic tactile ground surface indicators that bond easily and permanently onto almost any solid ground (e.g. concrete, asphalt or metal). The tiles are flexible, so they also adapt to uneven surfaces. They are resistant to vibration and to freeze-thaw cycles. They remain permanently white.

The tiles can already be exposed to traffic after a short hardening phase of about 30 minutes after bonding. Such rapid implementation minimizes the hindrance to public traffic as well as the incidental costs of a building upgrade project. The acrylic material bonds firmly and permanently, similarly to a zebra crossing. The material quality withstands all attacks.

Acryllith-Flex Sortiment