[Translate to English:] Stuccolithplatten 305 x 90 x 4 cm , ultraleicht
Metallbeschichtung auf Tischplatten aus Leichtbeton Stuccolith

Wall relief panels


Stuccolith 300 x 90 x 4cm

Object Moscow

[Translate to English:] Wandverkleidung, 2007 Moskau

Strellson -Franchise shopsystem

Material Brand 'Stone' Betonlith Light

Element 15mm thick with mounting rail

Table tops pebble


material fire metal surface

for Walter Knoll Collection Ishino tables

Art Basel , Alicja Kwade, 2-schalige Leichtbetonwand, 7,5 x 3 mtr
Herstellung Tischplatten Ishino für Walter Koll AG + CO KG


The long experience with material and product development enable REC Bauelemente with special formulations to manufacture products with exceptional qualities, technically as well as optically.

Special attention is always paid to the use of residual materials, used materials, recycled materials, environmental compatibility and durability.