15 mm Bodenplatten Marc Cain
Winkelstufen, 3cm stark
Marc Cain Store Zürich


Perfect, durable, permanently beautiful, for the highest demands on quality and design.

Betonlith can be produced with thin walls and in large formats, allowing the designer and architect to make a contemporary and creative design statement.


The use of selected mineral aggregates and natural color pigments enables a materiality of natural and refined optical quality.

Monochrome surfaces, individual textures or relief structures give exposed concrete its character.

Betonlith is available as high-performance concrete for the highest technical demands. Material thicknesses from 15mm have proven themselves for years as floor slabs and as tactile slabs in all public areas in robust use.


Bodenplatten 80 x 80cm x 1,5
Marco Polo in Wien

Betonlith for countertops


For countertops in the kitchen, home, office and garden, there are concrete lith with light weight and high strength. Also large formats with elegant, slim dimensions, are tradable and suitable for interior demands.

REC Bauelemente products are sustainable. They meet very high standards, the materials are natural and partly recycled. They are processed with low expenditure of energy to high and durable qualities. They offer economic advantages with low weights, from processing to transport and assembly.

Arbeitsplatten aus Betonlith
Bodenplatten Marc Cain



Innovation Award Architecture and Floor of the AIT 2011

REC Bauelemente GmbH was again awarded for the product exposed concrete Betonlith grau as floor slab in the category product with high architectural quality with the Innovation Award Architecture and Floor of the AIT.

Bodenplatten + Dusche
Betonschiefer, Corbusierhaus
Liftzugang Corbusierhaus
Bodenplatte für "Indoor Beachsport Center"