IGS Hannover, Haupthalle Stepline-INDOOR
Bahnhof Nordwest, Frankfurt
Busbahnhof Lahr

Stepline INDOOR


Stepline INDOOR has proven itself on the market since 2010.
The system, profile and arrangement, complies with the specifications of DIN 32984
and has been tested and evaluated by ABSV.




The DBSV says:


"The tactile recognizability with the long stick was rated as good,
 The recognition with the feet was also given.
 For smooth surfaces, the variant with ribs is sufficient.
For rough surfaces or for main path markings, the variant with 5 ribs should be obtained."


The ribs and studs stick permanently to almost any floor and carpet. 
They withstand even hard wear.
On both smooth and rough floors, the adhesion is tough and unyielding.
They stick in extreme heat, just as they do in low temperatures, swimming pools and chlorinated water.
Cleaning machines with rotating brushes and with rubber suction lips are no problem for Stepline Indoor.
The ribs and studs can also be removed again.
Nothing is left behind, no glue and no drill hole.