BER Flughafen

Railroad products


REC Bauelemente produced more than 20000 special-format guide plates for the Berlin main station from 2004 to 2006.
Many millionfold inspections confirm the quality of the concrete functionally and optically until today.

Hatching plates for installation made of concrete and also for gluing on made of acryllith self-adhesive

Hatch plates are produced according to the design of the former GDR.



1. REC high-performance concrete
   tactile lyre plates in special formats


2. platform edges
    in different formats


3. platform coverings
    in the design of the former GDR


Orginal Bahnsteigplatte der einmaligen DDR


4. hatching
    15mm thick tiles 



5. hatches and guide plates
    for gluing on acryllite


Hbf München, Acryllith

6. single ribs and studs
    for covered platforms and travel agencies