Guide system for the blind - HBF Arnheim (NL)
Guide system for the blind - HBF Arnheim (NL)
Südkreuz, Berlin
Südkreuz, Berlin
Guide system for the blind Hochbahn Hamburg
Breitscheidplatz, Berlin
Breitscheidplatz, Berlin

High performance concrete for floor indicators

perfect profile / highly stressable / durable and weather resistant

REC Bauelemente's high-performance concrete is a self-compacting concrete.


The material:
The mineral components are purified quartz in grain sizes ranging from nanoscale to 4 mm maximum grain size and alkali-resistant glass fibers.
The density of the grading curve forms extreme strengths that are not achieved by normal concretes.

Organic components are excluded by the use of washed and fire-dried quartz, so that no discoloration is possible from this.
The use of TIO² for white slabs guarantees a permanently white surface.
UV rays oxidize organic materials together with TIO², so that soiling is only temporary.
This gives the plates a self-cleaning effect.
Black floor indicators are supplied with impregnation to facilitate cleaning.

The quality of freeze-thaw resistance of REC high performance concrete is unmatched by any normal concrete and reaches the highest values without additional protection.

REC blind guide plates are equipped with a granular surface on the running surface.
This type of notch has been proven to be easy to clean and to provide durable slip resistance.

REC guide pads are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions.
They are quality products and are used throughout Europe.

The REC blind guiding system made of high-performance concrete includes ribbed slabs and dimpled slabs in standard and special dimensions.

Made in Berlin