Acryllith in the port of Reventlou, Kiel 2016
First laying of Acryllith®, at Regional Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz Berlin 2006
quick laying
With the application trowel, the glue is applied comfortably and in an upright position.
HBF München




Flexible polymer concrete - highly stressable - durable
weather-resistant - solvent-free - ecologically pure and inexpensive





Acryllith® is a tactile system of panels with ribs and studs for the blind and for the visually impaired.
Acryllith® also makes barrier-free where the installation of floor indicators would otherwise be particularly costly or even technically impossible. E.g. on a manhole cover, on bridges, on thin asphalt, on steel structures, etc.

Acryllith® has been proving its quality since 2006,
since the first relocation at the Regional Station Potsdamer Platz in Berlin



The tactile guidance system with floor indicators consists of an aqueous polymer with mineral fillers.
Acryllith® is therefore highly flexible and can adapt to any floor shape.
Unlike rigid PMMA sheets, Acryllith® adapts permanently to the ground and cannot become a tripping hazard.
Even the movements of the substrate due to frost and extreme heat are absorbed.

Acryllith® is free from solvents, from pollutants and without emission.

Acryllith® is flame retardant - approved by DB for underground stations. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 6239-1:2010 in conjunction with DIN 13501-1:2018, Acryllith® meets the criteria for class Bfl-s1.



On all flat and uneven, but firm floor surfaces, the ribs and studded panels can be glued. 
Acryllith® can also be glued in wet weather.
Acryllith® is also the optimal solution from an economic point of view.
With large formats, installation is optimized, joints are reduced and the visual appearance also benefits.

The rapid installation avoids many costs.


Acryllith® can be laid while the system is in operation, and after a short time the tactile slabs can already be walked on.
This fast installation avoids high ancillary costs and public traffic is hardly hindered.





REC's 2 K glue is the durable solution for exterior and interior bonding. 
The adhesive is solvent-free, without toxic content, without any odor and ecologically clean.
The water-based acrylate sets hydraulically with a minimized amount of cement and can be bonded even when the ground is damp.
The weather dependence for laying is thus low.

Walkable within an hour.


The bonding is displacement-resistant after only a few minutes. Curing takes longer.
The glue can be walked on after just one hour.
REC offers a profiled trowel for rapid application of the glue.
The glue can be processed at approx. 10° to 30°C.
The working time of the adhesive can be adjusted by adding the liquid component.

For smooth floors indoors and conditionally outdoors, the adhesive tape is the easiest, the fastest and also the cheapest installation.

The floor surface is prepared with the industrial cleaner and then simply glued with the board.
Due to the high adhesive strength, the Acryllith® sheets with double-sided adhesive surface are supplied only in lengths of 60cm.
Once the plate has been applied, it can no longer be corrected!


Acryllith® is also available with double-sided adhesive tape.


On Deutsche Bahn platforms, REC self-adhesive panels have been proving their worth in daily use for more than 2 years.



Acryllith can also be used to paste over older guide strips for the blind with a current profile.

After simple cleaning, a planum is created with the REC 2K adhesive and the new panels are laid on.

Damaged areas can also be repaired in this way.



Plate formats

Acryllith® sheets comply with DIN 32984 in the common designs for interior and exterior use.


Acryllith® in black and white is standard.
Colors and metallic tones are possible on request.


Acryllith® does not require special care. Outdoors, wind and weather do that. For indoors, coating with REC EASY CLEAN provides the optimum protection.
Even the brake dusts on DB platforms do not stick to REC Easy Clean.


Acryllith® is also the most economical solution - not only for retrofitting.