REC at the BAU 2019 in Munich
Hall A2 | Booth 320

World's Leading Trade Fair  for Architecture, Materials and Systems

January 14-19 2019

You may find REC Bauelemente in Hall A2- Booth 320. We look forward to your visit.

REC auf der bautec in Berlin
20. bis 23. Februar 2018
Halle 22.b | Stand 240

Internationale Baufachmesse für Bauen und Gebäudetechnik

REC at the FIDAK Dakar Senegal

The "FIDAK" International construction fair takes place in Dakar this year, december 16-31.
Concrete for the drywall installation and the facade takes center of the presentation.

REC at the BAU 2017

16. bis 21. Januar 2017 in München
Halle A2 | Stand 320 The "BAU 2017" exhibition takes place in Munich
this year, January 16-21.
You may find REC Bauelemente in Hall A2- Booth 320.
We look forward to your visit.

Wehrhahnlinie Düsseldorf (Germany)

An inner-city large-scale project will be completed in 2015. A subway replaced the tram to relieve the downtown traffic. 6 stations, their design sets standards: art and function. The Blindenleitplatten keep up. They are components of high-performance concrete of REC GmbH , Berlin 

Graphic subway construction Dusseldorf

Bachl Blindenleitsysteme in Kooperation mit REC Bauelemente

Die Firma Karl Bachl Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG beginnt im Juni 2016 die Produktion von Blindenleitplatten im Wetcast-Verfahren. Die bewährte Qualität von REC-Bauelemente wird damit in wirtschaftlichstem Produktionsverfahren zu marktgerechten Preisen angeboten.
Dünne Betonfliesen ab 15 mm werden weiterhin in Berlin bei REC Bauelemente produziert.

New Balance Store

New Balance Flagshipstore in London, Milano, Paris "Les Halles" und Berlin eröffnet, ... Sichtbeton-Wandplatten von REC future in concrete. Weitere Informationen auf unseren Seiten Sichtbeton Stuccolith

Alexa Berlin

Sichtbeton-Paneele begeistern im Alexa Berlin.  REC future in concrete - weitere Informationen auf unseren Seiten Sichtbeton Stuccolith



Stepline Indoor auch auf Teppichen und im Schwimmbad.
Mit Stepline Outdoor geht das taktile Leitsystem auch nach draußen.

Neu ist die Klebeschicht:
Eine viskos-elastische Masse aus der Hightech Klebetechnik, die sich auf schwierigsten Untergründen dauerhaft bewährt.
Auch auf unebene Flächen kann geklebt werden, auf Teppichboden, im Freien und bei Chlorwasser im Schwimmbad.

Grafik: Stepline im Schwimmbad Berlin Lankwitz

Wehrhahnlinie Düsseldorf

Ein innerstädtisches Großprojekt wird fertig. Eine U-Bahn ersetzt die Straßenbahn zur Entlastung des Innenstadtverkehrs.
6 Bahnhöfe, deren Gestaltung Maßstäbe setzt: Kunst und Funktion. Die Blindenleitplatten halten mit. Sie sind aus Hochleistungsbeton von REC Bauelemente GmbH, Berlin

Grafik U-Bahnbau Düsseldorf

REC Concrete as an image carrier for art work

The artist Anne Amelang and REC Bauelemente GmbH have started a remarkable collaboration that has already lead to a result. By screen printing on REC Concrete panels the artist creates a symbiosis of natural phenomenons and urban aesthetics.

Prospect 1         Flyer

Prospect 2

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Construction 2015

This year, REC Bauelemente received the AIT Innovation Award 2015 with extraordinary distinction in the category product with high architectural quality for the REC Stuccolith-Sandwichboard.

The Future of Construction

The "BAU 2015" exhibition takes place in Munich this year, January 19-24. You may find REC Bauelemente in Hall A2- Booth 129.

We look forward to your visit.

EuroShop Düsseldorf 2014:
Innovative Interior Design with REC

With its extremely light wall panels made from concrete, REC Bauelemente once again attracted planners and architects attention at the EuroShop 2014. The thin floor tiles and the light wall panels that REC presented with a variety of surfaces ("smooth"/ "texture of concrete"/ "printed") generated a huge response from visitors.

bautec Berlin 2014: Green Wall by REC inspires

At this year's exhibition appearance at bautec in Berlin 2014, REC was able to inspire visitors with a green wall. Other highlights were the extremely light wall panels made from concrete. REC presented them with a range of surfaces, such as "smooth", "texture of concrete" and "printed".


REC Bauelemente presents a plant and water wall at the "FOR BETTER LIVINIG- Why space turns into living environment" exhibition at stilwerk Berlin. The exhibition curated by Werner Aisslinger shows various approaches of housing needs and lifstyles in three different living environments.

October 18- November 17

stilwerk Berlin, Kantstraße 17, 10623 Berlin

Live im Netz: Farbe - Ausbau & Fassade 2013

REC Bauelemente successfully in the spotlight

A magnet at the exhibition : Beton Light, the ultralight concrete by REC

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Floor 2013

The AIT Innovation Award for Architecture and Floor 2013 was given to REC Bauelement for the product Betonlith white in the categories floors, floor coverings and floor systems.

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Construction 2013

REC Bauelement was given the AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Construction 2013 for the product with high architectural quality Beton Light at the "BAU Munich".

REC at the BAU 2013

This January 14-19, the world's most important exhibition for architecture, materials and systems takes place in Munich. You may find REC Bauelemente in hall A4- booth 520-04

We look forward to your visit!

Focus Open Award 2012

At the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg 2012 REC Bauelemente was given the award in the category architecture for the product Wall panel Beton-LIGHT.

BAUTEC 2012 - 
An international success for REC Bauelemente

REC Bauelemente was able to present the company successfully at the BAUTEC 2012.

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Construction 2011

REC Bauelemente received the AIT Innovation Award for its product Wall Panel Beton-LIGHT Curtain Structure in the category "Synthesis – Architecture and Industry Working Together".

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Floor 2011

Once again, REC Bauelemente was awarded with the Innovation Award Architecture + Floor in the category product of high architectural quality for Betonlith Floor Tiles in grey. Special attention was attracted by the innovative product Beton-LIGHT Floor Tiles in black and white.

Donations instead of gifts

As announced, REC Bauelemente supported the relief organization Plan International Deutschland e.V. with a donation at the turn of the year 2010/11. As stated in the final report our support went towards the building of five cyclone-proofed schools and the renovation of two other schools in Myanmar.

We thank all our customers for the successful cooperation in 2010.

The new tactile groundsurface indicator system for indoors

The established tactile systems have always had their place outdoors. INDOORS by REC Bauelemente now guides you further towards your destination. It is a functional system consisting of ribs and studs and was tested and recommended by the German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, DBSV e.V.

It does not disturb the interior space or aesthetics but does quite the opposite: it organizes the space and adapts itself attractively in the existing architecture. The functional arrangement guides the blind and visually impaired and in case of a fire it serves as an orientation system for everybody.

New and attractive approach to REC

We processed our own products when designing and building the courtyard to our company's head office. With having a larger area and natural light now, it is much better to evaluate the texture and pattern of the products than just looking at samples.

REC Bauelemente at InnoTrans 2010


- Tactile paving tiles
- Platform slabs
- Acryllith® for adhesion
- Wall panels and floor tiles

Hall 3.2, Booth 206

"Blind Man's Bluff" at Shanghai EXPO 2010!

Starting June 3, Chinese visitors will have the chance to experience Berlin blindfolded through REC tactile pavings and indicators. The exhibition "Close your eyes and see Berlin" was conceived by the Technische Universität Berlin and the Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin. It presents an audible and tactile version of Berlin from Central Station to Nefertiti. REC Bauelemente participates as a sponsor.

bautec 2010 in Berlin

A great success for REC Bauelemente with wall panels and floor tiles. Participation at bautec 2010 in Berlin.

Hall 22B, Booth 17

German Design Award 2010

REC Bauelemente received the German Design Award 2010 for the material development of wall panels made from concretes Beton-LIGHT and Stuccolith.

AIT Innovation Award 2009

In 2009, REC Bauelemente was awarded with the Innovation Award "Architecture + Floor" of AIT and "Architecture + Construction" in the category product of high architectural quality for the Betonlith Floor Tile, Beton-LIGHT and Stuccolith.

Museum Island, Berlin 2009

Completion of the Information-Orientation System on Museum Island with 26 guiding pedestals made from REC concrete.

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Office XXL 2008

In 2008, REC Bauelemente received the Innovation Award "Architecture + Office XXL" for the product Wall Panels made from Stuccolith.

Betonwerkstein e.V.

Since 2008, REC Bauelemente is a member of the association Informationsgemeinschaft Betonwerkstein e.V. .