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REC Bauelemente

In form and name, REC Bauelemente GmbH pursues the ideal of:

Recycling Engineering Consulting .

Born from the idea of developing high-quality products from waste and residual materials, REC Bauelemente GmbH is a development and production company that has been successfully producing materials and products in the fair-faced concrete and mineral stone sector since 2002. All REC materials and products meet very high sustainability standards. The materials are natural and partially recyclate and are processed to consistently high qualities using minimal energy.

With the development of ultra-light, fair-faced concrete Beton-LIGHT and stone plaster-bound Stuccolith, REC offers a new generation of materials for lightweight and drywall construction that lend new wings to the imaginations of architects and planners. REC has become a leading company in Germany for its high-performance concrete tactile paving. All products and materials stand out for their exceptional quality, and have been awarded many times over with AIT innovation awards and the German Design Award 2010.

The driving force behind REC's creativity is general manager Konrad Schäfer. With years of developmental experience and the success of many products, innovations will continue to come in the future.


Jury's decision for awarding the German Design Award 2010:

"The concrete wall panels of REC Bauelemente are poignant above all for their simplicity and their modern, architectonic charm. The design variants are suitable for many applications, such as ceilings, walls, floors, and even free-standing objects. The material lends itself to large shapes as well as delicate structures and surfaces, as was very successfully realized in the wall panels. The various colours (white, grey, black tones and other pigmented tones) lend the delicate surfaces a modern and highly exclusive charm, and impart a delightfully pleasant feel."

German Design Council and Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology